• More than 100 customers, both small firms and global, listed companies! Our customers are from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, UK, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, the Baltic States!
  • References: Bloomberg, Grenke Bank, Aventi Technology, Unitedprint, Steuler Nordic!



ybiN AS is a Norwegian Authorized Accounting Firm based in Oslo. ybiN stands for »Your Business In Norway«. We offer professional coaching for your business in Norway.

Everyone who is engaged in business activity in Norway or on the Norwegian Continental Shelf must register in some way with the Norwegian authorities. This can simply be an application for an organization number, or a full scale registration establishing a limited company, which triggers the obligation to pay corporation tax on profits. Like any other country, Norway has a number of laws and a maze of rules that are difficult to deal with without expertise and a basic knowledge of the Norwegian language. We invite you to a meeting in our office in Central Oslo or to an informal phone call. We can discuss your needs and find an appropriate and cost-efficient solution to meet your requirements in all matters related to VAT, tax, payroll and accounting. With more than ten years of experience our CEO Cornelius Häusler can act as your VAT agent.

Web Accounting Services: Through our associated company Fast Accounting AS we can offer high quality accountancy services. Visit our accounting website: www.fast-as.no!


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